Valued-added Services

Our satisfaction depends on customer satisfaction, so we offer a range of value-added services to meet every need.

We provide customers with a number of related services aimed at optimising processes and ensuring a transparent and personalised service capable of satisfying any type of request.

These services include automatic order entry, all-risk insurance, and the option for customers to access our intranet network and obtain all order information.

We have designed a range of solutions to enable smooth interaction with customers, facilitating management processes to reduce errors, speed up timings, and maximise results.

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All-risk insurance

Stored goods are protected by all-risk insurance which guarantees our customers the maintenance of controlled temperatures and protection against weather events, with corresponding transfer to other sites, theft and possible damages.

Intranet service

We offer automatic order entry to facilitate the insertion process, optimise times and eliminate errors. In addition, customers can access our intranet to obtain information about inventories and shipments.


We carry out container loading and unloading operations, respecting both customer requests and the guidelines for both operations, making sure that the temperature of the goods is correct in the various points of the container. We offer a weighing service, both for vehicles to check the weight of the containers, and for single pallets.

Servizio-Custom- servizi


Does your company need a custom service?
We can design it for you.

We invest our resources in technological innovations that allow us to get closer and closer to customer needs with the ultimate aim of providing a customised service. Whether it’s hardware, software, management structures or materials of any type or kind, we equip ourselves with the best technologies to adapt our services to meet any request and interface more and more smoothly with our customers’ management systems.