Tunnel freezer

We invest in the best technologies to take care of your products at every stage. Our tunnel freezer is proof of this.

We firmly believe that maintaining product quality is a fundamental prerogative for those who work in the food industry. For this reason, in 2014 we invested

significant resources in an innovative freezer tunnel: a technological solution that freezes food through a flash freezing system, keeping intact all the organoleptic properties.

Our three independent tunnel freezers can flash freeze goods in just 18-24 hours, respecting the properties of food. We are at the service of quality and for this reason we constantly monitor the entire process.

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Phase 1

Preparation and set-up of the tunnel after careful analysis of the time required for proper freezing according to the type of product.

Phase 2

Definition of time and temperature metrics based on the data collected during the analysis phase, and start-up of the freezer tunnel.

Phase 3

When the cycle is complete, the tunnel is turned off and the stored product is checked and analysed.



The quality of an excellent service

The entire flash freezing phase avoids the breakage of product cells by excessively large ice crystals: during defrosting, fluid loss from meat, fish, fruits and vegetables will not occur. Thanks to rapid freezing, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables will preserve their quality and organoleptic properties. For the customer, flash freezing means a considerable reduction of time, efficiency maximisation throughout the process, and the guarantee of a genuine and healthy product.

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