Storage and handling

The guarantee of a service designed to maintain the quality of your products throughout the cold chain storage and handling process.

Our warehouse covers an area of 75,000 square metres, with numerous pallet spaces dedicated to the storage of food products and raw materials in the frozen, fresh and dry categories.

We thoroughly check every single phase to ensure proper storage and handling of goods. The temperature is monitored 24 hours a day by a digital system that immediately signals any changes or malfunctions. 

Constantly controlled temperatures and monitoring of storage and handling processes. With Unifreddo, the quality of your products is in safe hands.

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The frozen category includes all those products intended for the frozen food counter or raw materials that need to arrive at temperatures below -25°C, such as ice cream, pizzas, fish, meat, etc.


This category includes all fresh products such as dairy products, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables that need to be kept at a temperature from 0°C to +4°C and products that require a storage temperature of +12°C to +18°C such as chocolate and confectionery.


The dry category includes food products that can be stored at room temperature and other non-food products.



VAT customs warehouse

As a type C customs warehouse, our company is authorised to receive and store bonded goods with a T1 document.

Our customs warehouse facilitates transit, allowing customers to choose the most advantageous time to send goods abroad or start selling them on the domestic market.



Inventory service

To monitor stock and inventory movement, we offer a professional and fully automated warehouse inventory management service. This type of inventory can be activated by warehouse, area and depositor via RF terminals, providing information on the progress of the inventory. With this programme we guarantee a smooth and functional service to the customer.



Product traceability and cold chain preservation at every stage:

We take care of your products by maintaining continuity at every stage of the cold chain, from goods acceptance to final delivery. Every movement is traced and accessible by the customer because we believe that transparency is a guarantee of a solid and lasting partnership.

To ensure the full efficiency of our systems and the optimal storage of products, we have a maintenance team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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