21st November 2023

Unifreddo implements 231 Model and the Code of Ethics

Unifreddo implements 231 Model and the Code of Ethics

In the world of logistics, organization and efficiency are the key points that guide every decision. With a view to continuous improvement, many companies have chosen to equip themselves with a well-defined model that helps them prevent the commission of crimes and organize their governance by touching on the issues of ethics and social responsibility.

Precisely inspired by this context, Unifreddo decided to adopt its own Code of Ethics and 231 Model, thus formalizing its commitment to guaranteeing the founding values of the company: correctness, transparency and legality of its actions.

Business ethics:

The code of ethics is a set of principles, values and behavioral norms that Unifreddo decides to adopt in order to regulate the behavior of its employees and of the people involved in the various activities, a document of rights and fundamental duties in the professional field both towards internally and externally. Areas covered include respect, fairness, honesty, social responsibility, sustainability and more.

Unifreddo is confident that the code of ethics brings various benefits, including:

- Behavioral guidance: clear guidance on how one should behave in various situations

- Promote integrity: Help create a company culture based on integrity and ethics

- Employee loyalty: Identification with strong corporate values, improving their loyalty and motivation

- Corporate reputation: Contribution to building a positive reputation of the company amongemployees, customers and the external public

Download here the Unifreddo Code of Ethics.

Organizational 231 Model:

The 231 Model is an organization, management and control system provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001 in Italy. This is a model of administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, even without legal personality, for crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage by individuals in top or intermediate positions. [source Wikipedia]

231 Model provides:

Appointment of a Supervisory Body: Responsible for monitoring the effectiveness and compliance with the model.

Adoption of organizational and procedural measures: To prevent specific crimes or crimes in general, which may vary depending on the sector and specific risks of the company.

Training and information of employees: On current legislation and on 231 Model.

- Implementing a 231 Model helps to:

- Prevent crimes: Through the adoption of adequate controls and procedures.

- Demonstrate corporate diligence: In case of legal proceedings, demonstrating that preventive measures have been put in place.

- Promote a culture of legality: Emphasizing the importance of respecting laws and ethical standards.

All-round logistics management represents a critical and strategic aspect, at the same time, in the value chain.

For Unifreddo, the 231 Model adopted is an opportunity to give excellence to its organization by always aiming for industry best practices, in order to bring significant advantages to the supply chain of its customers and suppliers.

For more information on our Code of Ethics and 231 Model, do not hesitate to contact us!