10th April 2020

Unifreddo obtains the FDA registration

Unifreddo obtains the FDA registration

On April 7th 2020, Unifreddo S.r.l obtained the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration, effective for the export of food from Italy to the United States of America.

Thanks to the FDA registration, our firm is able to expand its scope of innovative services. Said certification is the essential requirement for the exportation of food to the USA - including dairy-based products, vegetables, and other products of animal origin.

Our registration number is 10097559396.

The above-mentioned number must be specified in USA import customs documents and is compulsory by law. The Food and Drug Administration – the governmental agency in charge of the emission of such norms – guarantees, through the registration of companies, that products destined to the USA market are safe and healthy from a sanitary point of view.

In this communication, we wish to clarify that, strictly for meat products, the admission into Italian Ministerial Lists is required. Therefore, in order to comply with the above-mentioned objective, we retain the right in the future to also request the registration for the admission into Italian Ministerial Lists of all meat-based products, hence to export all food products to the USA.

Please find our certificate at this link: FDA-Certificate