17th June 2021

Unifreddo is Higher Level on IFS Logistics

Unifreddo is Higher Level on IFS Logistics

Unifreddo achieves the IFS Logistics certification with the Higher Level score!

The certification, on voluntary base, is the proof of the accomplishment on required goals for: define a standard and a valuation system to make transparent and comparable the whole supply chain; reduce costs for retailers and suppliers for the logistic ones too; employees training, definition of clear tasks and roles with clear common objectives; complaints analysis to satisfy clients at best, warning issues tracking and relative immediate problem solving through tasks supervision aimed to fix the warning alert on internal or external (vendor) side; safety on facilities for a perfect cold chain preservation.

Unifreddo is certified IFS Logistics since 2016 confirming the standard on quality and safety also this year. Certification achievement is always a demonstration on excellence in the day-by-day operations, that builds the base for future objectives realization. IFS Logistics with its high-level standard is warranty of the maximum level of satisfaction for our clients on the overall service in terms of quality and safety.

The excellent result is the outcome for team working with target of constant improvement!

Download our certificate at this link: Certificate IFS LOGISTICS