11th June 2024

Practical guide to stock management

Practical guide to stock management

Discover our practical guide on how to effectively manage warehouses and storage activities, with a focus on optimal conservation techniques and space organization.


1. What is storage activity?

2. How to do warehousing?

3. What are storage areas?

The Importance of Storage Activity

Storage activity is crucial in numerous industries to maintain material integrity and ensure efficient supply chains. From physical organization to inventory management, proper storage activity can reduce costs and increase productivity.

What Does Storage Activity Include?

Storage activity is not limited to placing materials in a warehouse; it includes space planning, inventory management, safety, and maintenance. It is essential to ensure that materials are easily accessible and stored under optimal conditions.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management requires advanced systems for tracking and cataloging materials. Technologies such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can automate many activities and provide real-time data on material availability and location.

Material Preservation and Damage Prevention

Material preservation is crucial to prevent damage and economic losses. This includes environmental control, such as temperature and humidity, and protection from factors that could damage materials, such as light, dust, and moisture.

Questions & Answers:

What is storage activity?

Storage activity refers to the process of organizing, preserving, and managing materials in a warehouse or another storage area to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

How to do warehousing?

To warehouse effectively, it is important to use suitable shelving solutions, digital inventory management systems, and maintain a clean and organized storage environment.

What are storage areas?

Storage areas are designated spaces in a warehouse environment where materials are stored. They must be configured to facilitate easy and safe access to materials, as well as protect them from damage.

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