Since 2002 we have been taking care of your products, ensuring that they are not altered in any way and guaranteeing perfect preservation throughout the storage and distribution chain in the frozen, fresh and dry sectors.

Your ideal partner for the storage and distribution of food products in the frozen, fresh and dry sectors.

We are specialised in the storage and distribution of food products in the frozen, fresh and dry sectors throughout Italy. Our strength? We have facilities and technologies to deliver products in all three categories in a single vehicle.

Maintaining the organoleptic properties of foods, managing all requirements, and the transparent traceability of products are the three key and indispensable prerogatives of our activity, which translate into a complete and quality service.

The values we believe in are the engine
that drives our actions. Every day.


Everything we do, whether big or small, is carried out ethically and transparently, because we believe that coherence between words and actions ensures the precision and completeness of our services.


We love a challenge. We like to experiment and learn from results to find innovative solutions that can anticipate customer needs. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to grow.


Versatility and flexibility in handling all types of situations are two fundamental aspects that allow us to always find the solution that best meets the needs of those who choose us.

Three complementary key elements, one mission

The synergy characterising the three key elements of our company – the storage of frozen, fresh and dry foods – and depicted in our logo, is embodied in all our work and is an essential part of our mission.

As true travel companions, we provide our customers with experience and expertise to deal with even the most difficult and demanding situations, helping them to always find not just a solution, but the best one.


Product traceability

Thanks to a highly structured information system, our customers can monitor the progress of their order and benefit from fully transparent product traceability.

By making this information available, we want to initiate an open dialogue with our customers in order to maximise the performance of delivery flows.


For a sustainable future

Considering the significant amount of energy needed to run our business, we have equipped ourselves with a powerful photovoltaic system to reduce CO₂ emissions and reduce our environmental impact.

This is because we truly care about the future of our planet and it is only by taking part in change today that we will see great results tomorrow.

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